CRM Integration Requirements

A comprehensive checklist to overview all necessary 
CRM integration requirements

Riva's solutions enable secure and scalable interoperability between leading CRM platforms and business applications such as Outlook, Exchange and Google Workspace. Our relationship engine intelligently conditions and synchronizes customer data so that it is placed in the right context, whether it is a long-term relationship, a busy inbox or calendar application, or a complex multi-platform enterprise environment. The company is SOC2 compliant and has had a series of over 1,100 security reviews to date. Our solutions are used by more than 850 organizations, and we serve more than 200 financial services companies around the world.

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This checklist identifies the most important requirements for CRM integration such as:

  • Meeting / Appointment management and "must have" integration features
  • Conversations and necessary integration features
  • Management of "book of business" and necessary integration features
  • Privacy and security features
  • Regulation features
  • Scalability features
  • Service and support requirements

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